Pumpkin Season at Matlack

September 28, 2023

Did you know we sell over 1 ½ dozen varieties of pumpkins here at Matlack?

Different types of pumpkins are useful for different things. The pumpkins we sell typically fall into two categories: carving and decorative.

Carving pumpkins typically have thinner skin and less fruit inside. This makes them not as easy to bake with, but the thin skin is easy to cut through. Although we wouldn’t recommend using carving pumpkins for your fall recipes, they are a great source of seeds for roasting!

Decorative pumpkins can be used for recipes but are often smaller or don’t taste as good as other varieties. They also come in vibrant colors or different shapes and are usually used in displays.

Pumpkins You’ll Find at Matlack

Most pumpkins you’ll find in a grocery store or home goods store are medium-sized carving pumpkins or small decorative pumpkins and gourds. Here at Matlack, we have unique pumpkins in all sizes, colors, and types to suit any style and fit all fall decorating needs. Read on to learn more about the many varieties of pumpkins we have in stock!

The Minis

These pint-sized pumpkins come in a variety of colors and make the perfect small autumn decorations.

The Eclectics

Funky shapes, splashes of color, and warty knobs make these pumpkins fun additions to your fall décor.

The Whites

If you’re a fan of lighter colors, these ones are for you! From small to extra large, there’s a white pumpkin fit for any space.

The Classics

For those who prefer to go the more traditional route, or those who love to carve!

The Vibrants

Did you know pumpkins could be that bright? These yellow eye-catchers are unique and gorgeous additions to your fall decorations!

The Pastels

These soft-colored and uniquely shaped pumpkins bring an air of whimsy to your fall décor!

The Giants

Move over, garden pumpkins. These big beasts are impossible to miss!

Shop our Pumpkin Varieties

Now that you have an idea of what pumpkin varieties are available, it’s time to start decorating! Make sure to stop in our garden center to browse our fall pumpkin and plant selection before the season ends!

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