Matlack In Photos

June 29, 2023

Four Decades of quality

Matlack Florist began in 1978 in a tiny, rented shop on the property of a local carnation farmer.  With equal parts talent and hard work, sisters Jen and Debbie Matlack grew the business to become what is widely known today as West Chester’s go-to florist, greenhouse, and garden center.  Matlack’s current location, at 210 N. Chester Road, was acquired in 1982 and expanded over the years to accommodate the growing business.  

Matlack changed hands in September 2020, when it was purchased by Brendan and Clare Mulloy of West Chester.  The couple fell in love with the property, its history, and its reputation in the industry.  Since then, along with property updates and the addition of “Community Blooms,” Matlack’s own charitable giving program, the business has continued to thrive.  Customers still rely on Matlack for its unique offerings, gorgeous florals, and first-rate customer service. 

Over the years, the shop has expanded and changed, but our commitment to excellence has never wavered. Scroll through the photos below for a walk through of over four decades of Matlack history! You may even see some familiar faces!

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