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Click on the Express Order button if you are looking for the quickest way to order. The most ordered items, and price points, are listed immediately for your selection; pick a product and price and you are on your way! Other selection options are listed to take you where you want to go. After choosing your selection you will pick your occasion; then, on to popular Add-Ons, the Enclosure Card message and Special Instructions. Special Instructions is where you give your florist important information. Here is where information such as the time of the viewing for a funeral service is placed or helpful delivery instructions. Also, you may want to "custom tailor" your order for coloration or style. Your comments such as "use pinks and mauves, for a new baby girl" helps your professional designer get close to the "look and feel" of your gift. Our methodology of ordering has given us the highest marks for customer satisfaction.

After completing these areas, you'll fill in Recipient Information, any payment information, and date of delivery. You can edit your Enclosure Card Message and Special Instructions here, also. You'll also be able to utilize all the benefits by creating your own 'my account'. You can now send your order! You will receive an email confirmation of your order.


Save Time! - You can send copies of an order to a new recipient. You can order the same item to multiple recipients quickly and easily. You'll receive your Order Receipt after your first order is completed; at the top of this receipt you'll see "Send same order to a new recipient." Clicking here will place you at the spot to fill in a new Recipient for an identical order that you just placed. Fill in the new Recipient information, click the "Submit Order" button, and your next order is processed! Repeat this for as many different recipients as needed!


Our Guarantee: 100% Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products and services. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please notify us immediately. We wish you many hours of enjoyment from our flowers, plants and gifts.

Flowers should be displayed in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Avoid excessively hot or cold areas. Add water daily.

If you are not completely satisfied with your floral order, please let us know immediately at Customer Service


Matlack Florist is committed to protecting your information. All connections to our site are implemented under Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)(128 bit) encryption technology; these are the highest standards to date. For detailed information, see Privacy.

Our policy is quite simple; all information we gather is never used outside of Matlack Florist. We do use "cookies" to identify that you are a previous customer and to provide helpful features to you. A "cookie" is a small file stored on your computer by a web site, which identifies you with a numeric ID and stores certain information about your activity on the site. Most browsers will automatically accept these cookies and allow you to disable the feature; however, do not disable this feature. You may experience difficulties and our site may not function properly for you. For detailed information, see Privacy.


We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions on how we can better serve your online purchasing needs.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with your floral purchase, please let us know immediately using our Order Inquiry Form.

210 North Chester Rd (Route 352)
West Chester, PA 19380
Local Phone: 610-431-3077     Toll Free: 800-551-4584      Fax: 610-431-1794


Currency: US dollars

The default payment method is Credit Card.

Credit Card: You can pay by these major credit cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

    For those who have created an account profile on the Matlack Florist web site, there are two payment options: credit card and house account.

    Frequently Asked Questions about controlling payment method options with your user profile

    By selecting the Credit Card option, your Order Summary will display your Credit Card number that is stored in your Profile. At the Order Summary if you desire to use another credit card for this purchase, you may simply replace the other credit card information with the new credit card number and expiration date. Remember that the credit card that is stored in your profile is the one that will be displayed on your Order Summary. You may go to your Profile and change the credit card information at any time.

    By selecting the House Account option, your Order Summary will simply display "House Account" and the box that will contain your Matlack Florist House Account ID. If you are a customer with an existing House Account, you have already received a billing statement from us; you'll need to enter your House Account ID which is on that statement. If you have already purchased with a credit card on this site, and you want to create a New House Account, simply check the "House Account" option. When you arrive at the Order Summary enter "NEWACC" in the box. Your account will be then be created when we process your order. You will then receive a billing statement; on the billing statement will be your House Account ID. For more information on the Matlack Florist House account click here.

    Allow Alternative Payment Method?
    Some customers want to be able to choose their payment method on each order, deciding whether "to get the Miles" with their credit card or have a bill sent to them. If you want to be able to choose your payment method "on the fly", update your user profile to allow "Alternative Payment." By default this option is turned off. Checking "YES" on this option will present BOTH the Credit Card and House Account options on your Order Summary Screen; you can then select which payment method you'd like for this transaction. If you only want to be presented with the one option, then "click" the "NO" button. On the Order Summary page you will then be presented with that one option you selected.

    How can I customize my Order Screen?
    Your company's corporate account may require you to provide additional information for your purchasing department. If you have given this required "cost code" information to our sales team on your phone orders, this is where you will enter it. You may define the name of the field to reflect your type of data; for example, some companies call it a "Cost Code"or "Department", or "P.O. number." Enter this name in the first field. The next field contains the default value (if any) that you want to appear in the Order Summary. Put in the code that is used the most often for your purchases, or put in some characters that you will "add to" at order time. You may always edit this field at Order Summary. You can also indicate whether this field is required.

    TAXES: There will be a 6% PA sales tax on your orders.

    SERVICE CHARGES: Matlack Florist has one of the lowest service charges in the industry; our $9.95 service charge includes delivery.


    How do you select the florist to best fill my order outside of your delivery area?
    We are a member of FTD and Teleflora which are the major florist networks. Matlack Florist best selects the fulfilling florist based upon capability and proximity. Capability means being able to fill the order to value at the appropriate price point and ensure timely delivery. Capability also includes that particular florist's specialties or product selections. For example, if plants are desired, a florist with a greenhouse may ensure a better plant gift. Selections are made from our nationwide database of affiliated florists, numbering around 52,000, which is updated monthly. At Matlack Florist if a florist has historically shown excellent performance, they are preferentially placed for selection. Over the years we have accumulated this data and the major floral affiliations, such as FTD and Teleflora, assist us in continuing to refine our selections. The reverse is also true; we "flag" poor performers to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction. Beyond ranking them, we attach ongoing notes about their problem resolution, uniqueness of product, or any information that might help us. In just a few keystrokes we are able to select the most appropriate florist for that order. Proximity means that, if the time between ordering and delivery is extremely short, we can choose the best qualified florist that is the closest to the location to best fill the order.

    Can we have our order sent to our preferred florist?
    YES; as long as your favorite florist is a among the 52,000 member florists in one of the major national affiliations consisting of FTD or Teleflora. [In order to be a member in one of these organizations, a florist must meet certain eligibility requirements.] Simply enter the name of your favorite florist in the Special Instructions.

    Can I customize my order and describe what I would like my order to be?
    YES; We encourage our customers to add comments in our Special Instructions section to describe coloration and even types of products. Something like "use pinks & mauves, add a red rose, no carnations" directs your designer to make a quality product as close to your desires as possible. Because inventory varies at each florist from day-to-day, florists might not have exact flower varieties or colors available. The florist may substitute specific flower varieties and/or colors while keeping with the look and feel of your selected products and the Special Instructions.

    How does my Personal Profile help me?
    When you enter our site, the information you optionally add to your profile will be automatically placed in the order; this will allow you to minimize keystrokes and complete your order even faster. You will be given the chance to create a personal profile during the order process, as well as sign up for e-mail reminders for future orders. More information...

    How do I place an international order?
    Local customs and product availability vary greatly from one country to another; our selections allow our international staff to best place your order. If you wish to place an international order now, close this window to return to the previous order page. From the order page you can click on the "International Order" tab.

    Will I get a confirmation of my order?
    YES; you will receive an email confirmation of your order after your order is submitted. For local orders delivered directly by Matlack Florist, you will also receive a delivery confirmation upon completion on delivery

    What is a Matlack Florist House Account?
    A Matlack Florist House Account allows you to charge your order and receive a bill, and then pay us with a check when your receive it. You must have a valid credit card on file in order to establish a House Account. You will be given the opportunity to establish this account before completing your order.

    Existing House Accounts have up to a 6-digit ACCOUNT ID. This ID is printed in the upper right hand corner of the remittance stub, and, on the bottom right hand corner of the bill. If you do not know your ACCOUNT ID, please call or email us.

    Click "Make payment by House Account", and enter your HOUSE ACCOUNT ID in the box provided."

    What if I am not satisfied with the order that was sent?
    We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products and services. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please notify us immediately. We wish you many hours of enjoyment from our flowers, plants and gifts. If you are not completely satisfied with your floral order, please let us know immediately at Customer Service

    Don't see your FAQ?
    If you don't see your FAQ, or have specific questions about your orders, Matlack Florist can help. Just send an email message to Customer Service

    Ordering | Security & Privacy | Contact Us | Delivery Information
    Delivery Locations | International Order | Payment | Frequently Asked Questions
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